What we can achieve in the name of Yoga

So last Sunday I went to the yoga marathon at the studio Atmajyoti. Various teachers had organize this event to bring attention to this very serious illness that one of their friend and many others are fighting. All the yoga teachers were volunteering and they did a great job.

Getting up early, the city was nearly empty . The mist were laying over the streets and the fresh air of autumn woke me up. I was so ready to go and do 2 h of Yoga, donate big money and feel the dedication and compassion of this event.

I started the day with Yin Yoga, with its calm and slowly poses. After that one I did the Hatha Yoga class, with a lot of other people, and it was great to see so many people in the class.

I later found out that the studio in collaboration with other studios in Sweden manage to raise 100.566 swedish crowns! That is roughly about 15 000 usd. The total was given to the Breast Cancer Research Association.

Amazing and such a efficient and smart way to make a change..

The energy in the studio was great, when I entered there were a whole table full of brochures and even a little prototype of a pair of breast so the lady working at this table could show how to look for lumps. They gave free drinks, health magazines, and of course yoga and meditation. Later at night there was a Satsang, I couldn’t go, but can imagine it was great.

So making a change is not that hard. These people did a great job, and what a karma! Talk about karmayoga…

I give my thoughts and compassion to those who are fighting cancer and I continue to give donation to research, all kind of research, so we one day can find a cure…


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