Lotus Temple


Last time I visited Delhi I couldn’t miss The Lotus Temple, this great Mother temple of all religions and who serves for all people no matter what religion. We went on one of the first days in august and Delhi was was so so hot, I think at least 38 C, and it felt like the sun was sitting on our shoulders, making us heavier and heavier for each step we took. Entering the temple you have to remove you shoes and to not burn on the concrete they have laid out mats to walk on. Still so hot though! But entering the cool quiet temple I could feel this heaviness on my shoulder slowly being released. Birds were flying inside of the temple, singing, feeling the coolness, quietness and beauty.

india15The temple was surrounded  with 9 ponds and gardens. All I felt to do when I saw the blue water was to jump in, swim around and get away form the boiling sun. Delhi is really too hot in august, but the temple made it All worth it! Such an amazing architecture, colors and atmosphere is so understandable that it has won numerous awards.


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