Protect living beings, Ahimsa

india14It has been 9 month since I ate meat. I have never been a big meat eater, I have always gone for the vegetarian option when making food at home. Oh you tasteful vegetables with your beautiful taste and flavor, I love you.

Mataji, my guruji and yoga mentor, talked about vegetarianism many times and it seemed so reasonable, so understandable. We make so many choices in our life, and maybe we live our life the way we were raised, we keep on in the same circles, in the same paths as our parents and family. We do not take a minute to stop and think, we just continue without reflection or thoughts.

Ahimsa, non-violence, is a huge cornerstone in the yogic lifestyle which implies that taking the life of another living being for your own pleasure is a very violent thing to do. It is not necessary to eat meat (maybe if you’re stranded on a island and there is nothing else to eat) you can get enough minerals, vitamins and calories through vegetables, nuts and fruits. When you decide to eat meat “it is simply selfish gratification at the cost of incredible pain to another” (Nectar of Life, Swami Chidanand Saraswatiji).

The animals raised for consumption are raised very distinctly from our pets that we keep in our houses. Cows, chickens, turkeys and so on live in small, cramped spaces with only one purpose, do get fat and then slaughtered. Sometimes I imagine the busiest time of the year, christmas, and how much fear these holidays must cause. The animals, as the humans, release hormones when being stressed or scared. Animals know that they are going to die, they can feel that energy in the factory and if they don’t feel it, they can hear because the animals being killed will scream. All these stress hormones being released remains in the animals tissues, and you will eat those tissues, those stress hormones. That can’t be good right?

So the latest scandal here in Sweden is that they found horse meat in a Lasagna sold in the grocery stores from a very famous brand, known for being a small family company with good products. I was amazed when I heard people say: I don’t mind horse meat but they need to write that in the description of the product. Say what?! What more can be in there, let’s make it a meat fest and mix all the meat there is, pork, chicken, cow, turkey!! But that’s just the thing, we will never know what the industry puts in our lasagnas or in the meat. We can never be sure, but one thing we can be sure of is that this industry is a shady one and you might find other stuff in the meat, heck, you can’t even be sure that you really are buying cow meat, it could be something else.

I’m so glad that I made this choice, not once have a reconsidered and not once have I felt the urge to eat meat or fish again. And I am stronger, healthier and happier since I took this decision! And also, I’m so happy I am not supporting and contributing to this industry. HARE OM!


2 responses to “Protect living beings, Ahimsa

  1. Ohhh the horse meat story again… This is constantly coming out of my boyfriends mouth. He says,, “who cares if there is horse meat in it or not, the point is that we have no idea whats really going on with our food.” Thats why it disturbs him at least… After spending a few months in India we were so not eating meat. Gradually the path has widened and widened. Thanks for the reminder here. THis is the post I wrote on the topic not too long ago ;)
    I’m happy I found my way to your site, and look forward to hearing more. ;)

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