Just after I came home from India in august I went to ISKCON (Hare Krishna Center) here in Stockholm. After the Satsang they invited everybody for some lovely vegetarian food, so I sat down with some members and visitors and had a great meal. In the dining hall this lady were handing out flyers about her art, Ingela. She was so cute, wearing all turquoise with a little ponytail in the middle of the head. I looked at the flyer, admiring her digital art but didn’t go to her exhibition. Months later, at a kirtan that I participated in, Ingela showed up, recent back from India and with that amazing energy that you have just coming back from India. She was so cute, again wearing all turquoise and the little ponytail, showing everybody her art.

ingelart1The picture on this flyer is one of my favorites. This is Ram, the seventh incarnation of Vishnu  and his wife Sita, avatar of Lakshmi and the embodiment of perfect womanhood. The details of Rama’s life can be read in the great indian epic Ramayana (Ram’s journey), which in 24.000 verses tells about the values and duties as a husband, king, servant and wife. You can say that this epic is a book on models of Dharma.

I started to watch Ramayama on Youtube and here is a clip with Ram and his sons Luv and Kush. Its so cute, I love the Indian soap operas, they give you all; gods and goddesses, monkey humans (hanuman!), music, dance, tears and of course so much love.

Thank you Ingela for your lovely art and energy! Cuteness!!



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