Karma Yogini


It has been such a long time that I haven’t written anything in this blog but I will now. Tomorrow will be my second week here in Austria at the Shivananda ashram in Reith, a village amongst the amazing alpes, a scenery that makes you connect, relax and work on your energy. Like in India, morning starts at six with a beautiful satsang. Together we meditate for 25 min, then we chant lovely mantras and sing joyful kirtans. At eight I attend my first yoga session and the scenery from the yoga shala is green, lush mountains, a little bit like Rishikesh, but with a very comfortable temperature. Warm breezes, sunlight and very fresh air.

Then after brunch my karma yoga begins..
Cleaning. Washing. Cooking. All selfless actions to serve others.
This is Swamiji Shivananda words on karma yoga:

“Service is a prerequisite for the attainment of purity. The best way of remove vanity is to serve the teacher, serve humanity and serve God, all in equal terms.”

So that’s what I’m doing. Sometimes I don’t stop from the morning til the evening and when the satsang is finished at nine thirty I can finally rest. Meditating and doing yoga every day, and lots lots of karma yoga so I can peel of these layers of Ego that is blocking the process of purification.

The picture is from my neighbors bee farm:) with the beautiful alpes in the background.

Om namah Shivaya!


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