About Divya Yoga

A teacher who loves her work and the dedication and focus that this profession require. Inspiring the children not only academically but also personally is amazing and every day sharing their energies and feedback is truly a gift.

This summer I decided to evolve, spiritually, and left Sweden for India, to a 5 weeks Yoga Teaching Training Course in one of the holiest places in India, Rishikesh. After going back and forth to India many times, this was my first spiritual trip, dedicating myself to Yoga, meditation and prayers in the Parmarth Niketan ashram. A beautiful ashram set on the feet of the Himalayas, and just beside the holy Ganga river. To be given the opportunity to participate in Satsang, the Aarti by the Ganga, Yoga and meditation every day and also living and sharing the energy from a temple, was really one of the best things ever given to me. I feel blessed to have experienced this and very thankful, causse it was truly so beautiful.

I am now a certified yoga instructor and I will soon start teaching yoga, for free, to those who do not have the finances to go to a studio, because I feel that this ancient science, that was so beautiful given to me, should be given to others no matter what economical status.

Love & Light
Peace & Harmony


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